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This all-in-one solution for you to talking teaching and consulting.

We connect you to all any kind of talking services via a secured

and integrated platform. Let's learn and earn with Abbtalk.

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What we do?

Tele Consultation


Consult an expert on demand, no need to wait. Virtual online consultation with our expert at your convenience.

Online Appointment


Appointment booking for teleconsultation on your available schedule. Save time with our online personal booking system.

Other Services


Enjoy our comprehensive services. Start by searching nearby specialists and visiting online stores. We cover products delivery and more!

Reasons Why You Should Teleconsult

Need to consult an expert in the middle of the night or on a public holiday? We’ve got you covered with our 24-hour teleconsultation service. Save time spent on travelling and waiting in long line to meet an expert. Relax at home, and protect yourself by minimizing exposure to public spaces.